Thursday, September 24, 2009

Simply Amazed...

As I get ready to write, the only thing I am doing is singing, "Well I will walk by faith, even when I cannot see. Because this broken road, prepares Your will for me!" Don't know when the last time I heard the song, but on my drive home the song just overtook my brain.

I just got home from my usual Thursday night bible study, and while that part was normal the rest of the day has not been. My stomach is turning in such a way that I feel like I should be on a roller coaster. My mind is screaming that it can't grasp the new information that is coming in. My lungs are gasping for air, as my breathe has been taken away.

So now you have to be wondering what is causing all the emotions...

Today 12% of my support came in, 22.82% this week. This puts me at 87.18%. God is moving that mountain that I have been praying for Him to move. Can I just say that I am simply amazed! PRAISE GOD from whom all blessings flow!


I have till tomorrow to get the rest of my support in...Here is my current need...

Total need: $6,648.62

Total in monthly support needed: $554.05

This is so doable.

That's 6 people at $100.00 per month


11 people at $50.00 per month.

Can you see the light? I can. If you have supported, thank you so much for bringing me this far! If you are just reading this blog and haven't decided about giving, please consider praying about it right now! God is seeking His lost children in Italy, and I can't wait to serve Him there and be a part of how He is moving. Would you consider making an investment in eternity by joining my team in reaching out for the Italian students?
I am anxiously waiting for tomorrow...Walking by faith, waiting on God to reveal His will for me.


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  1. I can do 50 a month for support. I know/knew God would get you there somehow. I'm glad you're getting closer and I know God is working on your behalf and is going to do anything to get you there. Lol I told you it may be last minute but hey that just makes things more exciting Ms 30hrs