Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pictures of my Apartment in Roma

The view from my bedroom window.

A view from our balcony.

The Big screen in our living room.  It is our landlord's I think...

Our livingroom:  View 1

Our livingroom: View 2

Kitchen:  View 1

Kitchen: View 2

Kitchen:  View 3

Kitchen:  Coffee, garlic, fruit, wine, and olive oil... Staples in our kitchen.

Cute little stove.

My Shelf in the pantry...the one with the Dr. Pepper of corse!

Our little fridge holds quite a bit... but we do have two for the 5 of us...

I love the brick wall in the it a cool feel.

Bathroom one of two.

The bathroom I use. 

The "Harry Potter" room.  Nicknames because of it's cubbard like apperances. 

Dinning room, a luxery here in Italy.

It has such great storage.

Plus our corner office. 

View of the hallway from the other end.  With Meg "creepily" poking her head out from the kitchen. 

My room.  We covered the closet doors to make them more whimsical.

Lindsay's corner.

My little space.

I love my Grandmolly's boots under the nightstand.  The same nightstand I use at home in Texas. 

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  1. I love your apartment! So cute! Hopefully I will get to see it in person one day....