Friday, September 3, 2010

Moving Ahead.. Rome 2010-2011

As the year in Bologna drew to a close, I knew the Lord was asking for another year.  This honestly scared me, but as the time draws near, I can honestly say that this year I am more prepared for what the Lord has in store for me, and some of the challenges that will lie ahead.  It is never easy for me to leave behind friends, family, and an active social life to go away, however I know there is more blessing in sharing the kingdom of God than there is in the life I lead in the states.  The Kingdom of God should be my focus, and the one who rules it. 

In the coming year, I will be serving in Rome, Italy.  I will work alongside Alan and Tina Lyle and be a part of the Family Life Ministry.  This will be an opportunity to serve the families and the community and share God's love with them!  I will help run some of the day to day operations of music, art, dance and English club classes while sharing Bible Stories, Scripture, and Bible Songs.  So pray for me as I continue to raise support and as I prepare to leave again! 


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