Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Have Arrived...

I made it to Bologna yesterday around 2pm here. We immediately left the airport and dropped off my luggage at Linda's apartment. After that Annet, Jesse, Kelly, and I went to meet with the realtor to make the lease for our apartment. After that we went to try and get me a Sim card for my phone. While successful at getting a Sim card, I was not successful in making it work. :( I will work more on that later. When we got back to Jesse and Tricia's apartment, we all had a homemade Bolognese sauce. Yumm. I then went back to Linda's and slept soundly, until the jack hammers woke me up this morning at 7ish. Welcome to Italy!

Today was a day of paperwork. A visa is only step one in being able to live and work in Italy. First I had to apply for a numero di codice fiscale. Basically, it is a social security number in Italy. After, I finished getting that form in record time, i.e. maybe 30 minutes, not the half day it took Kelly, we headed to the post office to go ahead and get my permesso which is a permit to stay. The lady at the desk was not happy about having to do the paperwork for this, but alas it was filled out. So, I have an appointment to meet with the government on the morning of the 29th of October.

After finishing the paperwork, we ate lunch and then went to the center to meet with the guy currently living in the apartment we get to move into in a week. :) So, excited! It is a two bedroom, one bath apartment. It was recently redone so I am excited! When we finished we made a quick trip to a store and found a dryer and straitener that we could use this year.
At around 7pm Annet, Julia and I went to dinner, where I had gnocchi and it was delicious! When we ordered tiramisu and it did not turn out right so the waiter brought us some limoncello to drink...tried it but I think it tastes like pinesol. :) Wouldn't recommend it!

Anyhow, it is late and I am tired and will be getting up early tomorrow. I have to sign up for my language school! YEAH!


  1. Cool sounds like you're having fun. Taste enough of it so you can describe it to me and I'll enjoy by proxy