Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome from Cooper Mountian!

Good evening from Cooper Mountain!

I am setting up this blog at the request of many. I am hoping that I can keep all my family, friends, and supporters up to date with information in reguards to my mission trip to Bologna, Italy. I must warn you though, that I am not at all a good journal keeper and I may need encouragement from you to keep this updated. :)

Tonight is the 5th night in Cooper where I am receiving STINT, Short Term International training. The days have been long but full of lots of very helpful information. Not the case at many conferences! We have talked about loving the Lord, loving our team, and loving the movement. We have had some amazing worship with the CXVI group...totally look them up, and some not so amazing food. However, the scenery is absolutely amazing! Will post more pictures on facebook!

As for support, many of you are already ministry support partners, or prayer partners, or both. Yesterday, I got an updated support goal that was a little higher than my former one. This means that my percentage went down from 58.28% to 56.15%. However I am still exciting knowing that God has brought me this far, and is really growing me as I learn who my provider is. :)

I am looking forward to sharing with you as I continue on this adventure. Please continue to pray that God puts me in touch with the right people to join my team!



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